Saar Associates was founded in 1991 to develop proprietary high technology products and serve clients in developing, managing, and exploiting technology. SAI brings broad experience in applying a wide range of leading edge and established technologies to corporate clients. An up to date electronics laboratory facility supports product development and technology evaluation projects.

SAI specializes in rapid response to the technical needs of its clients. Support ranges from brief consultations on technical problems to full-scale development of complex electronic products.

Product development typically starts with documentation of the requirements of the product and the technical specifications. It is often at this stage that the key creative breakthroughs in technical approach are made. The second stage is rapid design and construction of a first model of the product to prove both the product concept and the technical approach. This is followed by refinement of the design and construction of full function test models. The final stage includes final design refinement, detailed documentation of the design, and transfer into production.